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10 Most Healthy Indian Dishes

10 Most Healthy Indian Dishes



Indian food has a great significance in many countries and is loved by a fair amount of people. Be it the sizzling starters or flavorful main course or mouth-watering desserts to end the meal, we cannot resist eating at least once.


But a misconception that is lurking in a lot of minds is that Indian food is unhealthy. Well, we need to clear that misunderstanding first by stating that is totally false. Indian food is filled with nutritious food that is not easily found in all the other cuisines. All these dishes contain a fair amount of proteins, fibers, minerals, and vitamins that are essential elements for our body. 


Not all Indian dishes contain spices or oil and these ingredients can be reduced. In all the dishes, we can make them healthy but tasty at the same time. So rather than eating boring salads and soups, Indian food is a great option for anyone who is looking to lose weight or staying fit.


Here Are The 10 Best Indian Food Dishes That Are Healthy And Tasty




The first dish is a super healthy South Indian dish known as sambar. People generally like to have it with idli or dosa as a part of their breakfast meal. It is said that if the breakfast meal is good, the whole day goes happily. This sambar is made of lentils, vegetables, tamarind, jaggery, and a few spices like sambar powder and turmeric. One serving of this dish contains approximately 50 calories, 2.6 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein, and 1.8 grams of fat.


Sarson Ka Saag


Sarson ka saag is another healthy and tasty dish served during breakfast, lunch. Dinner, whichever is preferable by the eater. It is prepared using mustard greens and spices like ginger and garlic. Sarson ka saag is served with naan or roti. It contains 126.2 calories approximately and also has 6.3 grams of proteins.


Chicken Dhansak


Chicken dhansak is a non-vegetarian Parsi dish and dhansak means a complete meal served with brown rice and salad. What makes it super healthy is the addition of a few spices and a serving of brown rice and salad. Brown rice is supposed to be healthier than normal white rice and we all know the goodness of salad. Chicken dhansak contains almost 500 calories.


Rava Upma


Rava upma is an Indian breakfast dish made of semolina or Rava. Also, it is made along with the addition of ghee, mustard seeds, dal, veggies, and a few spices and herbs. The addition of these healthy ingredients makes it the perfect breakfast meal. One serving of Rava upma generally contains 200 calories. Rather than having corn flakes for breakfast, one can try out this new recipe.




Poha is a traditional dish made in every Indian household during breakfast time. It is made of dry flakes of rice known as poha. It is mixed with chilies, peanuts, onion, mustard seeds, and a few spices like turmeric and salt. The dish is garnished with some coriander and lemon and served hot with a cup of tea. One serving of poha contains 200 calories which makes it a perfect breakfast dish.

10 Most Healthy Indian Dishes



After seeing some breakfast dishes let us move on to some evening snacks known as dhokla. Dhokla is made of a gram flour batter mixed with a few spices. It is then steamed for about 15-20 minutes in a pan or cooker. It is garnished with a tempering of mustard seeds, chilies, and curry leaves and topped with some fresh coriander leaves.


Baingan Ka Bharta


A perfect lunch meal is when you have some home-cooked meal that is simple and does not contain a lot of oil and masala. One such dish is baingan ka bharta made of brinjal that is roasted, skinned, and mashed with some spices. It is served with wheat roti or bajre ki roti. It contains almost 102 calories and 5 grams of fat and is considered to be wholesome.


Hara Bhara Kebab


Indian food can be quite healthy and tasty and a good example of it is the mouth-watering and delicious Hara bhara kebab which is a perfect evening snack. It is a recipe full of aromatic spices, green veggies, and healthy ingredients that keeps the body fit and fine. Hara bhara kebab has approximately 73 calories and 2 grams of protein per serving.


Arhar Ki Dal


Arhar ki dal or more popularly known as maa ki dal is made of pigeon peas and is part of every Indian household meal. The preparation is quite simple and involves a few recipes like cooking the dal and tempering it with a few ingredients like mustard seeds, asafoetida, chilies, and curry leaves. The dal is served with roti or rice along with condiments like pickle or salad.


Buttermilk Or Chaas


To end the supper, we really want a reviving beverage that assists us with processing all the food that we have had as of recently. One such beverage is buttermilk otherwise called chaas. It is a matured dairy drink that is abandoned in the wake of producing margarine of refined cream. The beverage is blended in with certain flavors like jeera, salt, and finished off with coriander. It is viewed as the best beverage during summers and can chill off the body rapidly.


The Bottom Line


So after reading the health benefits and nutrients of these dishes, we are pretty sure you would want to try these out as a part of your diet. For this, you can either cook it on your own by searching for the recipe on the internet or order from an Indian restaurant that cooks according to your preference and likings.


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