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Shiva Shakti

Shiva Shakti is a popular Indian restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with over two decades of rich legacy. It offers authentic Indian food and has served notable personalities like King Sihanouk and Angelina Jolie. The restaurant promises a unique experience with every visit. Customized catering services are also available on request. Call now to embark on a flavorful journey.


Indian cuisine comprises a variety of spices and ingredients that attract people from all over the world. It’s just the name of these dishes that brings water to our mouths. All the regions of the Indian subcontinent together make the cuisine so popular and there is no comparison between them. 

But a misinterpretation that people have set in their mind is that Indian food can be quite oily and unhealthy. But the truth is quite the opposite of what people have interpreted. There are various occasions on which people may cook oily food but that is only on some days. Otherwise, Indian cuisine includes less oil and less spice that can be managed according to the eater’s preference. So the question of whether Indian food is good or not can be cleared in this article. We will be mentioning some of the misconceptions that are believed by people and breaking them with facts and examples. So dive into the article and enjoy!

Indian food is hot and spicy

The first myth that people have is that Indian food is quite hot and spicy. Every region has its own preference, some may like sweet food and others may like it hot and spicy. Indian food consists of all kinds of food from mild to hot to very spicy. Hence, it depends on you whether you want to choose mild spice dishes or very spicy ones. Some of the mild dishes consist of malai kofta, butter chicken, paneer butter masala, and many more. Also, not all Indian dishes contain 10 or more spices. Years of culinary evolution and change in people’s preferences have created dishes in which the main ingredient is beautifully prepared by using one key spice. 

Fatty and unhealthy

The next myth that lurks around in diner’s mind is that Indian food is oily and unhealthy. In many households, dishes like pakoras or medu vada are made merely because they want to be more cautious about their health. Similarly, in many areas, curries and other dishes are made with less oil and spice and people still know how to make them tasty. There are so many dishes that do not need oil at all. It can be cooked by grilling, roasting, boiling, or steaming the ingredients. Hence, it depends on people and their choices. Another thing that needs to be addressed is the use of vegetables, spices, and nutritional ingredients in every single Indian dish, including medicinal and healing benefits. Some of the dishes that are quite a healthy consist of tandoori chicken, sambar, Hara bhara kebab, aloo gobi, etc. 

Rich and diet breaking

Some people also state that Indian food is quite tempting. It forces them to break their diets and eat some dishes like jalebi or gulab jamun. Well, we do not deny that they are tempting but when you focus on other dishes that can be made with healthy ingredients like Kaju barfi made with jaggery or kheer made with jaggery or other sweetener, things become much easier. So always look at the bright side just like the ones we stated above. 

Difficult to cook

There are so many dishes that are very easy in terms of cooking. They do not require a lot of ingredients. The ingredients are also easily available in the market. So one does not have to worry about searching for them continuously. Some of the easiest Indian dishes consist of- 

  • Mutter paneer 
  • Tandoori chicken 
  • Dhokla 
  • Idli 
  • Chai 
  • Parathas and many more. 

These dishes are healthy and the recipes are available on the internet which is one click away. So the myth that Indian food is difficult to cook is busted right here. 

Contains curry powder that is quite spicy

Curry powder or more likely known as garam masala is a famous spice. It is a British adaptation and has been used in the Indian subcontinent for a long time. It is not an essential spice and is skipped a lot many times due to its powerful flavor and spice. Hence, if you have eaten food with curry powder, you might have misunderstood that it is a compulsory addition or needs to be added to every dish. People prefer adding a little bit of spice to the recipes but they are always less in quantity. So the next time you cook Indian food or order from a restaurant, try skipping the curry powder and make the dish with the help of other ingredients and see the difference. Let us also tell you the conclusion that you would not find any difference. 

But we also recommend adding a little bit of the spice, because the elements of garam masala or curry powder are quite beneficial to the body and help fight a number of illnesses.  

The bottom line

After learning about these healthy Indian food dishes and the fact that they can be healthy. We hand it over to you to make a wise decision on whether Indian food is good or bad. We hope that your question has been answered. All the above-mentioned dishes can be made at home or ordered from a restaurant as per the eater’s convenience. Generally, it is said that when you cook things at home you are extra cautious about the number of ingredients in the recipe. But there can be days when you just don’t want to cook and feel like ordering from a restaurant. In such a case, we would recommend you to order from an Indian restaurant that cooks authentic Indian food and can make changes according to the diner’s preference. 

At Shiva Shakti, one can find an exotic menu with all the traditional Indian dishes that are prepared using Indian spices and herbs according to the customers’ liking. The ambiance of the restaurant is quite peaceful with modern architecture and the staff will ensure that the diner is provided with the best experience. The diner can also order the food and enjoy wonderful dishes in the comfort of their own houses. 

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