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Shiva Shakti

Shiva Shakti is a popular Indian restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with over two decades of rich legacy. It offers authentic Indian food and has served notable personalities like King Sihanouk and Angelina Jolie. The restaurant promises a unique experience with every visit. Customized catering services are also available on request. Call now to embark on a flavorful journey.


Soups are comfort food. It is a flavorful broth that is made by cooking vegetables, fish, meat, or grains in particular proportions. Whether you have a tasty and creamy tomato soup as an appetizer or a spicy Chinese soup like Manchow soup with fried noodles, they provide the ultimate comfort and deliciousness. Even in times of sickness, soups hold the power to restore your health. Or if you are freezing, then the soup will warm you right up. 

Chicken Noodle soup in particular is very special. The ingredients needed are simple; the recipe is easy, but it tastes divine. People love it a lot. A very popular K-pop star named J-Hope also has a song titled “Chicken Noodle Soup”! This just shows what a special place chicken soup has in our hearts. But before we come to the recipe part, it is imperative that we learn about the history of Soup. So, if you are ready to learn some delicious soup recipes and more about soups with Shiva Shakti, let’s jump right in.

The benefits of Soups

A great appetizer that stimulates the digestive system is soup. A bowl of hot, hydrating soup primes the stomach for the subsequent meals. Soups are a nutritious dish because they are light and easily digestible, making them ideal for children, the elderly, and those who are ill.

This liquid food is simple for the body to absorb the vegetables and meats from. Additionally, soup is a healthy dish with fewer calories that do not increase your body weight. Because soups are filling, they prevent overeating. Therefore, since liquid foods like these can stretch the stomach muscles, they effectively prevent obesity. You can make a delicious, nutrient-rich soup by dry roasting, grinding, and then boiling the ingredients in water. Additional nutrients can be added by including fish, meat, vegetables, or eggs. 

History of Soups

People believe that the first bowl of soup was made around 20,000 B.C. They also assume that people started cooking as soon as they could make food in clay pots or mud vessels. Some historical documents show that from 6000 BC onwards, the soup was a regular part of the menu. Over time, different types of spices, aromatics, and ingredients were added to the soup to give it a nice flavor and aroma.

Historically, ill people were thought to eat soups as food. But today, soup kickstarts the royal buffet. The chefs and culinary experts are always experimenting with enhancing the flavor of soups. Soup makers in medieval Europe were continuing to develop soups based on a range of ingredients. They put meat and vegetables in the soup. They follow the tradition of pouring soups over toasted bread. This is a practice that was popular in the UK, Germany, and Greece.  

In France during the 18th century, street vendors would sell a restorative soup ‘restoratif‘. Soup consumption was for its healing properties. The first restaurant was when an enterprising man named Boulanger decided to open a quiet eatery. The restaurant was featuring soups, eggs, and other restoratifs. 

But just eating soup is not enough. And if you are looking for delicious food, then we will show you the way to Shiva Shakti. Here you will find the tastiest food paired with a wonderful environment. So if you are ready, let us give you the best experience at Shiva Shakti.

Now that we know the history of soups, it is time to get to know the perfect recipe for the ultimate chicken soup. Homemade cooking is both satisfying and healthy. With this chicken soup recipe, it will be incredibly delicious as well.

How to make perfect chicken noodle soup

Chicken Soup

You must either like or dislike chicken soup. Either way, it does have a special place in our hearts. Some people have fond memories from their childhood, eating chicken soup on a rainy day, or when they were sad to feel better. Or when they absolutely did not want to eat soups made with broccoli or carrots, chicken soup was there to the rescue. The chicken soup is full of nutrients from the chicken bones.

This recipe often contains celery, carrots, or other nutritious vegetables. Chicken soup also has healing properties. The perfect thing about chicken soups is that there are multiple recipes out there. Don’t like plain chicken soup? Add noodles to it. Like the Chinese soup version better? Make chicken manchow soup. The possibilities are endless. Moreover, if you prepare this soup at home, you can make it however you like. Add as much or as little noodles as you please, spicier or sweeter, or even saltier according to your preference. With Shiva Shakti, let’s learn the recipe for chicken noodle soup, which will become your ultimate comfort food.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Why homemade chicken noodle soup? Simply because it is the best! It is very healthy, low-calorie, and has many nutrients. 


To start this recipe, we will add Soffrito. This is also said to be the holy trinity of cooking. Curious about the ingredients? Well, it has only three ingredients: Onions, Celery, and Carrots. We will sautee this together to make the base of the soup. In order to make the soup flavorful, we will use chicken thighs (or legs). The darker meats, along with the bones, infuse a stronger taste when compared to the breast. These create a richer broth with plenty of flavors. You can add the chicken with the broth or after the soffrito is done cooking.  You can also add in some chicken stock. Simmer this mixture till you see the chicken falling off the bones. Take the chicken out, shred it with a fork, and put it back in the soup. 

Other ingredients?

Chicken soup is made to suit your liking. This is why you can add and remove any ingredients you want. But we will give you a few suggestions of what you can use in order to make your soup more nutritious.

You can use vegetables. Our top choices are green beans, corn kernels, spinach, and potatoes. But you can also add some zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, peas, and sweet potatoes. 

For the noodles, you can use any type of noodles you prefer. You can use thin spaghetti noodles, egg vermicelli noodles, or any other type of pasta you like. While cooking this, remember to taste test. Add salt and pepper as per liking. 

Some add-ins?

Some perfect add-ins for your soup can be dried herbs like thyme, basil, oregano, or even rosemary. To make it spicy, you can add black pepper or red chili flakes. You can mix in some freshly chopped parsley. And of course, we cannot forget bread rolls and garlic bread to go with your tasty chicken noodle soup. If you like Chinese soup better, you may use some soy sauce, vinegar, and hot chili sauce. That’s it! Your tasty chicken noodle soup will be ready!

Ingredient card

To make it simpler for you, we will give you an ingredient card of things you will need while you’re making this soup. This way, you can have an interruption-free cooking session. You need olive oil (1 tablespoon), an onion (large and diced), garlic cloves ( 4, minced), chopped carrots (2), celery (chopped), skinless chicken thighs, bone-in (6-8 pieces), chicken stock (2 liters), green beans ( 200g), corn kernels ( ¾ cup), spinach ( 120g), water ( ½ liter), noodles of your choice (200g), salt and pepper, and some freshly chopped parsley. 

Make sure to serve warm and enjoy!

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