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3 Healthy & Easy Rice Recipes For Weight Loss


Rice is the staple diet in most parts of the world. In India, rice is generally consumed in the southern part of India and a variety of recipes are made out of it. A lot of people have the misconception that rice is unhealthy and cannot be consumed during weight loss. But the truth is that rice is healthy and according to south Asian culture rice does not create obesity. In fact, the American diet does not include rice and is still very unhealthy. To remove the doubt from your mind that rice is fattening. It includes these 3 healthy & easy rice recipes for weight loss. 

Rice comes in a different variety of grains that are both short and long. The few types of rice include white rice, brown rice, and wild rice. They are equally healthy when prepared with less oil and spices. Brown rice or wild rice is the healthiest option and is pretty inexpensive. Although rice is high in carbohydrates and people on the keto diet cannot consume it in their diet plan. Those who are on a normal diet can definitely try one of these 3 healthy & easy rice recipes for weight loss

The recipes are pretty easy and can be made at home. It is generally preferred to have homemade food during weight loss and all the dieticians and fitness coaches would recommend it to you. We will be giving out the 3 healthy & easy recipes for weight loss for all you fitness freaks out there. Let’s dive into the world of food which comes in every person’s dream.

Beans and rice

The first recipe is for all the vegetarians or vegans out there. Beans contain a lot of nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals that are very healthy, and the combination with rice makes it a perfect recipe for both lunches as well as dinner. The recipe is quite easy in terms of preparation and requires no more than 4-5 ingredients. To make it super healthy one has to add olive oil instead of normal vegetable oil. Other ingredients consist of vegetable broth, cumin, ginger, garlic, lime juice, and coriander.

The beans are sauteed in oil with the other ingredients and cooked until the beans are soft and cooked nicely. One thing that you have to keep in mind is to soak the beans overnight. For about 8-10 hours and then cook it nicely to remove the toxicity. The recipe will turn out just the way you want it to be. If you are not a vegan or vegetarian just substitute it with meat or any other vegetable of your choice. 

Wild rice and vegetable pilaf

The next recipe is no doubt the most nutritious dish and can fill your tummy pretty easily. Wild rice is four species of grasses and originates in the countries of North America and China. The stem is also prepared with vegetables. This one is again a vegetarian dish but can be substituted with chicken, mutton, prawns, or any other meat of your choice. The ingredients for this recipe includes vegetable broth, veggies like carrots, bell pepper, onion, celery, radishes, and parsley, with other elements such as spices and lemon.

All you have to do is add all these ingredients in a saucepan. Cook it for 55 minutes until the rice and veggies are tender. Garnish it with some coriander and serve it with salads and other dressings. The recipe is filled with everything and not including it in your diet would be regretful. So include this in the list of 3 healthy & easy recipes for weight loss.   

Chicken and rice

This one is our most favourite recipe and is the most popular one so far. It is the most simplistic dish with a great taste and flavour that is loved by everyone. For this recipe we would suggest you make brown rice and would make it super healthy. All the ingredients you would require to prepare this dish are chicken, broccoli, olive oil, and other spices and condiments to enhance the flavour of the dish.

The chicken can be prepared separately in the form of curry. It can be cooked together whichever you would prefer to eat. One thing to keep in mind is to add less oil and spices to the chicken and include vegetables to make it more healthy. For vegetarians, chicken can be substituted with soya bean, cottage cheese, or veggies of their preference. Serve it with some salad and garnish with some coriander and the dish is ready to be eaten. 

One can also eat the chicken with bread but that is not recommended during weight loss. So stick to the plan and you will see the difference within a few months. All these dishes can be substituted with other ingredients according to your preference and availability of the food item. The ingredients are also easily available in the local market and are pretty inexpensive.

The bottom line

A lot many recipes can be prepared using rice which will be super healthy and delicious at the same time. But we recommend only the easy recipes that would not consume your time and give you comfort. Weight loss just does not mean eating the right food. Exercising and not cheating during the diet is also equally important which will give you better results in less  time. Working out for at least 20 minutes on any time of the day and then eating healthy food will definitely help in weight loss. These 3 healthy & easy recipes for weight loss are for all the working people who have a job and cannot take the pressure of preparing time consuming food every single day. 

So shed all the extra weight that you might have consumed during the lockdown period with some exercise and these 3 healthy & easy recipes for weight loss and enjoy a homely meal with your friends and family and do not forget to hustle hard! For more relevant data, feel free to contact Shiva Shakti.

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