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5 Dals That Must Be Part Of Your Daily Diet 1.1

5 Dals That Must Be Part Of Your Daily Diet

Indian Households Are Always Known For Food They Prepare. The Various Nutrients That We Search In Various Food Items So, That We Can Be Healthy And In That Particular Journey We Tend Or Bound Ourselves To Forget About Our Very Own Nutritious Dals And That Is More Sort Of Intentionally Because We Feel Dals Are Not Nutritious, That Is Because We Do Not Know About The Wonders A Dal Can Do In Our Diet. Moreover You Can Eat Them Daily And Dal Are Nutritious, Healthy. Studies Claim That Dal Is A Wonder Food That Pops Up With Various Benefits.  Today We Will Read About 5 Various  Dals And Their Benefits. And Also, It Will Include In Our Diet And The Reasons We Will Read As Followed.

Very Popular - Chana Dal:

Chana Dal Also Known As Bengal Lentils Is Not The First Choice Just Because It is Popular Amongst The Households, It Is Because This Dal Is Best Choice Because Of The Price, Availability And Also The Taste It Serves. It Is A Gram That Also Produces Gram Flour (Besan) Which Is Gluten Free. And Is A Surprise Package For  Diabetic Patients And People Who Wants To Lose Some Inches From Their Body. Chana Dal Also Contains Fibre, As It Tends To Be The Inner Part Of A Gram. Hence Helps In Preventing Constipation Leading To An Amazing Peristalsis Movement. It Is A Better Choice During Winters. As Impression Is Warm, Which Means Its Consumption Keeps You And Your Body Warm During Winters. Chana Dal Is Wonderful And Mouth Watering If Served With A Tadka.

Kabuli Chana- Rush Of Proteins:

Kabuli Chana is  a Chana Which Tends To Be Larger In Shape And Size. It Is Most Popularly Known As Chole In India, And Chick-Pea Globally. Kabuli Chana Is A Great Choice for Diabetic Patients. As It Is With Glycemic Index 33, And Hence Its A Complex Carbohydrate, Therefore Breaks Down Slowly  During Digestion And Do Not Rush Or Demands More Insulin Leading To Maintain An Individual’s Blood Sugar Level. Kabuli Chana Is Also Rich In Folate & Vitamin B9, Therefore Helps In The Generation Of New Blood Cells And Maintaining Its Level. Chickpea Kebabs are The Best Evening Snack Choice During Pregnancy, As It Helps A Baby To Grow And Keeps Both Mothers And Babies RBCs In Count. ChickPea Is Full Of Protein As Well. Hence The Best Choice For Muscle Gain And Soluble Protein Intake.

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Masoor Dal – Age Reversal Properties:

A  Dal With Anti-Ageing Properties, Studies Claim That Masoor Dal Is A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants And Helps In Keeping The Cells Healthy, Hence Radiates The Skin And Keeps It Young And Lively For A Long Span. Masoor Dal Strengthens The Bone And Teeth Of An Individual As It Is A Rich Source OF Calcium And Magnesium. Masoor dal Said To Be A Source Of Vitamin A, C and E Proving It A Great Option For Having  Better Eye-Sight And Also Clean Skin. It Prevents Disorders Like Cataract & Muscle Degradation.

Urad Dal- Everyone’s Choice:

Urad Dal When Made With Special Ingredients Like Butter and Cream. It Is Loved By All As It Ends Up By A Name Dal- Makhni. It Is A Black Gram Which Can Be Consumed As A Whole Or Even If It’s Split. Urad Dal Is Rich With Both Soluble & Insoluble Fibre That Obviously Helps In Better Bowel Movement. During Disorders Like Diarrhoea And Bloating, Urad Dal Is A Best Choice. Due To Rich In Potassium, It Keeps Our Heart & Arteries Healthy And Prevent Any Kind Of Damage, Naturally Reducing Cholesterol.  It Is Also Rich In Iron, Calcium & Phosphorus, Therefore, Keeping Our Bones Healthy and Strong. It Is Anti-Inflammatory & Reduces Oxidative Stress Level From Our Body, Therefore Reduces Pain. Urad Dal Is Also A Rich Source Of Protein But Its Protein Content Is Full Of Carbs Quantity.

Moong Dal- Greens Are Essentials:

Moong Dal Popularly Known As Green Lentils Or Mung Beans. It Is Full Of Nutrients And Consuming Its Leaves During The Initial Time Of Growth, Boosts The Stamina And Strength. Sprouts A Best Choice For Breakfast Is A Resultant Of Soaked Moong Dal. Our Body Is Insufficient For Producing Few Amino-Acids, And It Being A Leguminous Plant Provides These Nitrogen Based Amino Acids Such As Lysine, Valine, Leucine, Phenylalanine, Isoleucine. Due To Its Antioxidant Specialty It Also Reduces The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Reduces The Division Of Cancer-Causing Cells. It Being A Rich Source Of Magnesium Lowers The Risk Of High Blood Pressure And Is A Great Choice For Keeping Your Heart And Cardio-Vascular System Healthy.  It Reduces The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin Due To Its Rich Quality Of Consisting Fibre & Protein, Hence Resulting In Keeping Your Stomach Full.


There So Many Other Dals, Which Have A Medicinal Properties As Well. If We Will Include A Bowl Of Dal In Our Daily Diet We Tend To Prevent Our Body Various Disorders. Dal Is A Super Food And Should Be A Part Of Our Thalis, On Daily Basis. Various Dals Possess Various Health Benefits But On Whole, A Dal Includes Everything That Our Body Requires From A Tip Of Our Hair (Protein) To The Tip Of Our Foot (Better Circulation). Keep Eating Healthy And Do Indulge In These Dals For Your Body And Health. For more food related information, you can reach out to Shiva Shakti.

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