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7 Best South Indian Food You Must Try


The Southern region of India is a fascinating place with different cultures, art, music, and most importantly food. It has majestic temples with beautiful coastlines that one may fall in love at first sight with. Similarly, the food of South India is popular because of its variety of dishes ranging from spicy to savory to sweet. These dishes are made from two main ingredients that are coconut and curry leaves. These 2 elements need to be added to any south Indian cuisine to make it the best.

One always has a misunderstanding about Indian cuisine being very spicy but that is not the truth. One can have a gastronomic experience by tasting the mildest South Indian food with little spices and lots of love. We have listed out our 7 best South Indian food dishes that you must try at least once. So dive into the lovely affair of luscious and appetizing South Indian food. 


Craving for something sweet? We have got you a dish filled with sweetness and a wide number of flavors in a bowl known as Payasam or pudding. It is a sweet pudding that has been a part of Ancient India and is mentioned in the Ayurveda. The main ingredients for Payasam include milk, sugar, and rice along with other elements like cardamom, rose water, dry fruit and nuts, and saffron or Kesar. A must-have ingredient in the dish is coconut milk which gives it the southern  taste. The preparation depends on the quantity, but a normal bowl of kheer for four people would take no more than 30-35 minutes. The dish is popular throughout festivals and special occasions and in terms of serving people prefer eating it either hot or cold. 

Kaapi-Filter coffee

If you ever visit an Indian restaurant and wish to have one of the beverages from the south Indian menu, kaapi or popularly known as filter coffee is a must-have. It is the best way to give a kick start to your morning and all the connoisseurs would agree that kaapi is a unique type that is found nowhere else in the world. Made from the South Indian coffee beans that are grown in the regions of Malabar, Nilgiris, and the hills of Karnataka, the coffee refreshes the mind of the devourer. The beans are roasted to perfection and then grounded into a powder or sometimes blended with chicory. It is then brewed in a steel filter with some milk and poured vigorously between two cups to make a frothy and creamy mixture. So, enjoy your cup of kaapi on a busy morning and feel fresh for the day. 

Malabar parotta

Indian flatbreads have an unlimited variety with different twists and flavors. These flavors are different for different regions. One such flatbread that is famous in South India is Malabar Parotta. They are flaky and layered flatbreads made from plain flour. The process might be a bit time consuming but it is worth the wait. This flatbread is served with any type of Indian curry along with condiments like pickle and onion.

Banana chips

Looking for a snack for your movie night or binge-watching session? We have got you covered with a delicious snack item that is popularly known as banana chips. Thin circular slices of raw banana are fried in hot oil and sprinkled with some salt and spices along with a mild coconut flavor. Sometimes they are also coated in jaggery or mixed with different spices like schezwan or cheese chili. 


Breakfasts are an important part of the day. If the breakfast is perfect, the whole day goes well. Here is a breakfast item that is healthy as well as tasty. It is none other than crunchy and soft uttapams. It is a thick kind of dosa made of rice and urad flour batter and topped with some fresh veggies like tomato, capsicum, and onion. This dish is served with a sweet sambar which is a vegetable stew and with savory coconut chutney. One can easily trick their kids by calling it a pizza and making them eat something healthy. 

Masala dosa

Another version of dosa that is thinner than an uttapam is masala dosa. It also has a similar batter that is poured on a hot pan and cooked until it turns crispy. The dosa is then topped with a potato mash mixture that includes onion, chilies, and Indian spices. It is then rolled to perfection and served with sambar and coconut chutney. Masala dosa is also a healthy breakfast meal that can keep the stomach full for a longer period and not forget it is also mouth-watering and delectable. 

Coconut rice

Let’s give the list a more beautiful and tasty ending with the flavorful coconut rice. It is a delicious dish made of rice and coconut as the primary ingredients along with other tempering spices and curry leaves. Coconut rice is one of the most basic south Indian food dishes that can be cooked easily. The rice is also served during festivals and special occasions. One can have the dish on its own or enjoy it with some South Indian curry. You can make it at home or order it from a restaurant and enjoy it with your family and friends. 

The bottom line

South Indian food is undeniably flavorful and made with pure love and affection just like the other Indian dishes. One of the most lasting memories of the food is the unique taste one would get every time they take a bite of it. Pick out your most favorite recipe and try making it at home or simply order it from a restaurant. Remember that any dish would not taste perfect without authenticity and perfection. Hence, select the right Indian restaurant and order the best food.

One such restaurant that ensures authenticity and best quality food is Shiva Shakti. They provide the best quality services and follow all the safety rules and take necessary precautions as well. 

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