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Best Indian Food YouTube Channels You shouldn't Miss

Best Indian Food YouTube Channels You Shouldn’t Miss


In the pandemic, where all that seems, by all accounts, to be dead, online associations got extraordinary advancement. From showing our capacities to making our own business musings, the pandemic genuinely provided us with all of a push towards our dreams. Meanwhile, YouTubers gained such a great deal of predominance as they were drawing in swarms with inventive and engaging substance all through. Then, whether or not it be cooking, singing, moving, making, or preparing. So here is the rundown of best Indian food YouTube channels you shouldn’t miss: 

Nisha Madhulika with 12.5 Million Subscribers

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian lady who started her YouTube channel as a food blogger on 2nd August 2009. She is one among the most famous Indian Food Youtubers. Nisha Madhulika was enthusiastic with respect to cooking since her puberty and changed her energy into a livelihood through YouTube. She has been given various affirmations for her glorious substance creation. Her strength is for the most part Indian food. 

Kabita Singh, a bright soul who has been scattering smiles through his YouTube channel since seventh October 2014. She basically prepares Indian Food, with viably available trimmings at home. You can see a collection of Indian dishes on her channel. Besides Indian, she posts plans of various cooking styles too. Sort out some way to cook irksome plans in a straightforward way from the channel. 

Jeya Bashkaran’s Town Cooking Channel 13.7 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on 25th April 2018. In this channel, you will get a memorable chance to eat wonderful dishes from your childhood. The traditional town food, Present day food, and food that young people love are all available on this channel. 

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khazana 6.79 Million Subscribers

Who doesn’t have even the remotest clue about this amazing person, an Indian culinary master who has achieved remarkable sculptures in cooking and energizing millions out there? Sanjeev Kapoor is a worldwide and Indian connoisseur expert who has extraordinary working associations in top hotels, cafes, and shows. He started the food Youtube channel, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, on 29th July 2009 and is as of now on the summary of most popular Indian Food Youtube channels. 

Parul Gupta is the host and connoisseur expert of this cooking channel. She joined this channel on fifth Walk 2017. Anyway this channel grandstands heavenly plans with a high level spot of fundamental dishes. Consequently the trimmings used are viably available. Like great veggie darling dishes at home watching Parul’s channel. 

Best Indian Food YouTube Channels You shouldn't Miss

Madhurasrecipe Marathi with 6.11 Million Subscribers

This is a Marathi Indian food channel started on 26th August 2016 by the owner of the channel; Madhura Bachal. Also, she started her cooking adventure after marriage. She is a cash supervisor who started this YouTube cooking employment in the free hours of her working schedule. Anyway Isn’t it unprecedented to see someone managing various things right this minute? The channel is reaching new resolutions now with 6.11 Million endorsers.

Crush Kumar and Valarmathi Veg Town Food 4.57 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on sixteenth August 2014. The specialty of this channel is its goliath dinner planning structure. You will see plans cooked in greater sums with straightforward town plans. Subsequently following cooking and posting the plans on the YouTube channel, the whole town will participate in those dishes. Watch how the life partner spouse group shakes their arrangements and wins million hearts.

Everybody truly adores this food channel. Yaman, a young culinary trained professional and host of the channel, is so staggering at what he does. He started his YouTube channel on 23rd June 2012. The way wherein he explains every minor understanding in regards to his arrangements is amazing. Go watch the accounts today and cook something yummy. 

On the off chance that you are a street food darling who loves to go to better places and endeavor the best street food there, then, you should watch this and endeavor those yummy plans at home. Gopinath started this channel on 21st May 2015. Anyway the start of this channel has an interesting story behind it, it’s the energy of somebody that made him stop a supposed work at Infosys. Meet A Gopinath, a well known Indian Food Youtuber.


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