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Best Recipes Of Indian Desserts

Try Out The Best Recipes Of Indian Desserts

Why Are Indian Desserts A Treat To Have?


Whenever we hear the word “dessert,” it feels so calming, like music flowing through our ears. A delicious chocolate icing on cakes to mouth-watering varieties of Indian desserts. It can make even the strict diet followers break their harsh routine and try sweet treats once and for all.  


There is no doubt that ending a delicious meal with some of the best varieties of Indian desserts is a conventional idea. We can also add that there is no person in India or worldwide who can add a new option. Which is tastier and soft like Indian desserts. 


One can find Indian desserts in magnificent retail outlets and in some temples as a Prasad. One can also find a lot of Indian kids going to the temple only for having a sweet Prasad. Indian desserts are absolutely amazing, and hence it can make most of the people eager to know about them deeply. Here’s what all the readers were waiting for, i.e., the list of some of the best Indian desserts to try in 2022


A List Of The Best Indian Desserts To Try In 2022


1. Gulab Jamun


It is one of the famous Indian desserts found in all the retail sweets shops and events such as weddings and festivals in the country. Gulab Jamun consists of deep-fried balls made from khoya and is later dipped into sugar syrup containing saffron. It is served warm or cold according to the preference of the customer. It tastes super delicious when served with vanilla ice cream. Every state has its own variant of Gulab jamun but the most unique one is found in Rajasthan. Wherein instead of soaking the balls in sugar syrup. They are cooked in a tomato gravy which is called Gulab jamun Ki sabzi. 


2. Sandesh


Sandesh is a Bengali sweet, which is also the sweet capital of the country. It is made from cottage cheese and garnished with saffron and cardamom. So making it the best dessert to have after a spicy meal. It is the most uncomplicated dessert and prepared with only two ingredients- milk and sugar. Although it is available in sweet shops around the country, preparing the dish at home is also pretty easy. Trying one Sandesh will surely make all hands go for more, which is the specialty of this Indian sweet.


3. Gajar ka Halwa


People who are reading this article for making sweets for weekend bash can surely make Gajar ka halwa to impress all the members of their family. We recommend Gajar ka halwa because it is the easiest to prepare at home occasionally. To make Gajar ka halwa at home, one has to grate the carrot into small pieces and add condensed milk and sugar before heating the mixture on low flame. One can garnish this beautiful Indian dessert with saffron and Varq to make it look even prettier and mouth-watering. Gajar ka halwa is a great dessert for winters when served warm. Carrots are supposed to be a great source of vitamin A & C. They are very healthy and beneficial to the body. So, having it once or twice is not really a bad idea.

Best Recipes Of Indian Desserts


4. Modak


Modak is the pride of Maharashtra, which is also known as Manchester of India. They are small dumplings made with wheat or plain flour and a filling of coconut and jaggery or sugar. Modaks are specially prepared for a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi, where native people bring idols of Lord Ganesha at home for a few days. During the period of the festival, they provide Modak as a lovely meal to Lord Ganesha. 


One can even make Modaks at home by using flour, grated coconut, jaggery, or sugar, and can use Varq or saffron to garnish the divine recipe. Modaks can be one of the best ways to welcome your essential guest or business partners while inviting them for dinner at home.


5. Barfi 


Barfi is a sweet milk dish from the Indian sub-continent and is a type of mithai. The dish has many varieties and besan barfi, kaju barfi, pista barfi are the most famous ones. The flavors are enhanced with fruit and nuts and decorated with silver vark. The key ingredients for barfi are milk, sugar and other flavor enhancers and then can be mixed with other fruit and nuts.

They are available in various shapes like square, diamond, rectangle and many more. The sweet is also available in different fusion styles and the most famous one is chocolate barfi. Barfis are served during festivals and special occasions like weddings, get-togethers and birthday parties. 


6. Vermicelli Kheer


Vermicelli kheer is one of the popular Indian desserts made from a  traditional type of pasta similar to spaghetti, milk, sugar and flavor enhancers like cardamom. It is one of the best kinds of kheer available in the Indian subcontinent. They are specially prepared during festivals and special occasions like Eid and Diwali.


Nowadays, vermicelli kheer is available in ready made packets and just requires milk and is prepared within 15-20 minutes. 


7. Gujia 


Gujia or is a sweet dumpling that is fried and served during festivals especially on Holi  and Teej. It is a famous dessert of the Indian subcontinent made with suji or semolina. Stuffed with a filling of sweetened khoya and dry fruits and flavor enhancers like cardamom and rose water. After shaping it, they are deep-fried in ghee or oil. A Maharashtrian version of gujia, named karanji is a flaky and crispy fried pastry with desiccated coconut, sugar, and dry fruits filling. Karanji is generally prepared during Diwali and is one of the dishes from the Diwali platter in every Indian household.


All of these Indian desserts are undeniable and loved by everyone right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The article has already appealed to everyone to dive into the world of Indian sweets. Forget dieting for at least one day and just enjoy these luscious and heavenly Indian desserts. For more information related to Indian dessert you can reach out to Shiva Shakti.


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