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Best Ways To Set Up Indian Kitchen For A New Home

Best Ways To Set Up Indian Kitchen For A New Home

How to set up an Indian kitchen for a new home or while renovating an existing one?

Setting up an Indian kitchen is one of the daunting tasks that everyone comes across while building a new home or renovating an existing one. One has to mix and match so many aspects that are essential while setting up an Indian kitchen. 

The Indian kitchen is not where one makes food, but it is also a place where almost all the women and men spend most of their time. Whether you are moving your home within a city to a different country, ensure to meet all the basic requirements of the Indian kitchen listed below.

People with a hefty budget for home renovation or shifting can hire movers and packers to carry out the task. On the other hand, people who want to do it alone can follow the guide mentioned below to effectively and quickly set up an Indian kitchen.

1. Carrying all Indian utensils

When the concern is about setting up an Indian kitchen, one has to ensure that they carry all the diverse types of utensils required for making food in the new kitchen. One can better make a list of the entire utensil they would like to carry to their new kitchen. The list of Indian utensils is big, and it is better to pen down and make a list with a spouse’s help. Making a checklist would help you to remember all the essentials and reduce future problems. Even if you are planning on buying new things after relocating, having these basic essentials that one would use on a regular basis is advisable.

Some of the common Indian utensils include

1.Steel pots and plates

2.Deep pans, Saucepans, and flat pans for making ROTI

3.Cooking pots of different sizes for slow cooking and

4.Mixing glasses and expensive crockery 

5.Knife, spoon, forks and a chopping board.

6.An electric induction in case there is no stove fixed already.

2. Microwave and oven

Not all Indian kitchens use microwaves and ovens for making food, but one can find a wide range of applications in contemporary homes. People who don’t know how to bake cakes can also buy one because technological developments have exceeded expectations. Today, one can also use a microwave oven for warming food and for preparing oil-free foods. 

One can also learn to bake cakes slowly after they learn to use the microwave. There are two types of microwave oven available in the market: an in-built oven and the other one does not provide the former options. Most of the kitchen experts recommend using two different appliances for the best experience. They would make daunting tasks like cooking oil free food or baking cakes easy and uncomplicated. Some points to keep in mind when packing and moving microwave and ovens to a new home include

1.Before packing the oven, it needs to be cleaned  so that there is no extra work later on.

2.If it is a venting microwave, one has to unplug it with extra precautions and keep the necessary equipment safely in one box to install it in the new home. The same precautions should be taken when renovating the house.

3.The cords of the microwave or oven should be properly taped to secure them in one place during the transportation.

4.Packing the appliance in the correct way is very essential. The package should be done in the original microwave box. In case the original box is not available, one should find the right fit for the oven and then properly tape it and seal it so that it doesn’t move from its place.

3. Electrical appliances

One has to ensure that they carry some of the common electrical appliances like a toaster, blender, and electric mixer to make quick and easy everyday meals for your family. At the time of renovating, ensuring that these appliances are handy and can be found easily when in need is very important and necessary.

Best Ways To Set Up Indian Kitchen For A New Home

4. Daily grocery

When moving to a new place, one might not have any idea about the nearby supermarkets. In that case, carrying essential groceries or a pantry is really important. Most people from India love to store their grocery supplies for the future, and hence they love to carry products like all kinds of flour, lentils, oil, Ghee, and snack items for kids.

5. All the beverages

Another great tip to keep in mind when setting up an Indian kitchen would be to carry all the beverages. Indian housewife moms have to always keep their call ready to make up a cup of tea, coffee, or any other drink for family and guests. One thing that every household needs is evening tea and snacks, so carrying them beforehand is always a good idea. One has to ensure they stock up all the beverage items while setting up the kitchen. 

6. Storage

While carrying the appliances and groceries, one has to make sure that the goods are stored in boxes; so when moving it from one place to another, no items will be damaged. Items like glasses, bowls, plates, electrical appliances, etc. should be packed and sealed to ensure no breakage and loss of items. Along with storing appliances, another thing important is storing groceries properly so that they do not get spoiled. This can be done by already fixing a refrigerator in the house before getting the groceries. The  best option to carry miscellaneous items would be tote bags that are large and can be carried easily.

The bottom line

A well set up kitchen makes it easier for the person working there and also creates less mess. Let’s not make this task tiresome or troublesome, rather enjoy everything and have a great family time. These are the few points to keep in mind before planning to move out or renovate your house. We hope all of these tips will help you in setting up an Indian kitchen hassle free. For more information you can contact Shiva Shakti.

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