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Diverse Food Habits In India

Diverse Food Habits In India

India is a place with varied cultures, languages, and food. Indian cooking is not one but a combined taste of different food from all parts across India. These food differences come from various local cultures, locations, and economics. Indian cuisine can be seasonal, and highly dependent on fresh and native produce.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Generally, Seafood is found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands cuisine. Since they had minor contact with the outside world, raw fish and fruits were their important diet for a long time. Many kinds of Indian dishes are also found in the Islands because the majority population is derived from migrants from different regions of India.


Andhra Pradesh & Telangana


The dishes of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are referred to as Telugu cuisine. Rice is the main food in the food and is generally consumed with different types of curries and lentil soups. A large part of the population of Telugu states are vegetarian and they have created many excellent recipes. The food of these states contains a heavy amount of spices and chilies. These dishes also have various pickles. Curd is also an important part of the meal as it helps them to neutralize the spiciness of the food. Telangana is famous for preparing Hyderabadi Biryani.




It is a combination of different indigenous styles with reasonable regional variations and also many external influences. It is featured with very little use of spices but contains strong flavors of endemic exotic herbs, fruits, and fresh, dried, and fermented vegetables. These dishes feature a traditional meal in Assam. People used to serve the food in bell metal utensils. 




The dishes of Bihar have many similarities with North Indian cuisine. The food culture in the Hindi Belt, but is also similar to Odia cuisine. People of Bihar generally eat boiled rice and daal with cooked vegetables at lunch, and roti with cooked vegetables at dinner. They do not prefer to eat roti and boiled rice together.




Chhattisgarh Has many different dishes which are not found in the rest of India, while an important diet, that of the rest of India, is rice. People in Chhattisgarh generally consume liquor fermented from the Mahua flower. Red ant chutney is a famous dish of Chhattisgarh. Flying ants, mushrooms, squirrels, and rats are some of their best elegancies. Pork contains an important item in their diet and even every major ceremony starts with the sacrifice of a pig.




Goa is famous for Seafood, coconut milk, rice, and pasta. It is established in a tropical climate where spices and flavors are great. People generally Use Kokum in making their delicacies. Fish is the key ingredient of Goa food. And also the dishes are mostly seafood-based. Fish and meat in their diet are considered non-vegetarian. Their vegetarian dishes are unique.

Diverse Food Habits In India



Vegetarianism is the basis of Gujarati cuisine. The typical Gujarati thali consists of Roti, Dal Kadhi, rice, and sabzi. Dishes are different in flavor and heat, depending on the tastes and location of people within the state. Many Gujarati dishes are sweet, salty, and spicy at the same time. The dishes generally change with the seasonal availability of vegetables. People use less Garam masala and its constituent spices in summer.




Food in Haryana is usually prepared using natural flavors and preservatives. Because Haryana is rich in milk and milk products. People of Haryana prefer to have food like Kadhi Pakora, Bajra Aloo Roti, Kheer, Singri ki Sabzi, and saag and roti. Lassi and Sherbat are the two popular dishes of Haryana.


Himachal Pradesh


The daily food of Himachal is very similar to the rest of the north Indian part. They also have lentils, rice, vegetables, and bread in their meal. Pateer, Chouck, and chutney of Til are the specialties of Himachal Pradesh.




Jharkhand food is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The traditional dishes are not available at the restaurants as they have not been materialized. However, one can only experience the excellent dish while visiting a tribal village or a tribal wedding. All preparations contain low amounts of oil and spices except the pickles.


Uttar Pradesh


The Uttar Pradesh dish consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. But the majority of the state prefers simple and vegetarian meals with dal, roti, sabzi, and rice constituting the importance of daily food habits. Uttar Pradesh has also been influenced by Mughal cooking processes which are very famous worldwide. The samosa and pakora are the most popular mid-day snacks all over India. They are also originally from Uttar Pradesh.




The Uttarakhand dishes generally contain food of two different subregions Garhwal and Kumaon. As the basic ingredients of both Garhwali and Kumaoni Cuisine are the same. There are only basic differences that tell aside from the two. The distinctive feature of the Kumaoni cuisine is the miserly use of milk and milk-based products. The similarity between both of them is the rich use of Ghee and charcoal cooking. The dishes of Uttarakhand are generally similar to Uttar Pradesh. They also eat rice, pulses, rotis, and vegetables. 




We have only considered a few states as it will be difficult to conclude all the states and describe their food culture. Every state has its delicacy and taste. 


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