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How much Food India Produce and Daily consumption of Indian dishes, Popular Indian Dishes and staple Dishes.


In the earlier years, India was the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses and jute .India was the world’s second largest producer of rice wheat, cotton brown fruits and vegetables.

As indicated by certain sources India food grain creation is estimated to rise 3.74% to another record of 308.65 million tons in the harvest year 2020-2021, the horticulture ministry said that the result is projected in rice, wheat ,Maize ,beats ,oil seeds, it added. Food handling area has additionally arisen as a significant section of India in economy in terms of its commitment to GDP, business and venture.


Indian food enterprises are ready for a colossal development, expanding their commitment to world food exchange each year .In India the food area has arisen in light of the fact that the high development and high benefit area because of its potential for esteem expansion, especially inside the food handling industry. Concurring for around 32% of the nation’s complete food market. Subsequently the Government of India has been instrumental inside the development and advancement of the food handling industry.

The government through the ministry of food processing industry (MoFPI) is making all efforts to encourage investment in the business. However it has approved proposals for Venture, foreign collaboration, industrial license and hundred percent export oriented units. Hence the Indian food and grocery market is the world’s sixth largest, with retail contribution to 70% of the sale. Daily consumption of Indian dishes-The average calorie intake/person/day in both rural (2214 kcal) and urban (2169 kcal) India is less than the reference diet.

With delicate fragrant species and flavor, Indian cousins are certainly popular around the world. The Indian diet has a wide variety of flavors. A traditional Indian diet has a balanced quantity of Nutrition. Indian Daily Meals like dal, -chawal, roti-sabji, Italy-sambar etc. Foods of India are the most diverse and it also changes at every 10 km. Hence enriched with different kinds of sabzi, dal rice and roti and an infinite category of food. Indian cuisine is like a beautiful garden with lots of colors.


Well known Indian Dishes and Staple Dishes-Indian food from one district to another. That subject is educated by religion, populace, and geology, however translations on the correct method for cooking something shifts stunningly even between neighbors. So we partition Indian cooking into geological districts:-

North Indian

This region has a special cuisine because the geographical area of this is high altitude. It is dominated by rich curries and thick sauce paired with roti(Bread). However it features spice flavored dishes which are made in a clay oven, like Chana masala, chicken tandoori etc. Most famous fruit of this region is Apple.

New Delhi

New Delhi is famous for its street food for example-Chaat, Samosa, pani puri and Chole, kachori etc.

South Indian

South Indian cousins feature rice. You will find rice dishes instead of wheat like Idli, Vadaa, dosa etc Because this region is rich in cultivation of rice .In South Indian cuisine we will find coconut milk-based flavor, herb like curry leaves, native fruit and lemongrass.


The geographical region of Kerala has the highest contribution of Banana so we found mostly dishes related to bananas. Street food of Kerala like sweet dumplings and banana fritters etc.


Mumbai’s famous for its Hawking market and surrounding street food. The famous street foods are BhelPuri, pani puri, Sev puri, and roaming chaiwalas.


Just across the water from Mumbai the state is surrounded by the coastline with plentiful seafood access. However, Gujarat has a special ingredient which we find in every dish is sugar. Gujarati people are also “sweetest people”. So they have put sugar in every dish.

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