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Indian Food Blogger You Should Follow

Indian Food Bloggers, You Should Follow

Writing for a blog has been a developing brand and internet advertising device for organizations working in all areas. As per a new report, over 75% of the web clients follow online journals, which implies, websites are pursued by 346 million individuals all through the world. An expanding sort of writing for a blog by and by is food contributing to a blog. There is numerous food publishing content to blog sites that are working hard. In this article, we will discuss Indian food bloggers who are prospering incredibly in contributing to the blog business. 


Most Famous Indian Food Bloggers 


Passing by the numbers, it isn’t business as usual that food bloggers are expanding in number internationally. In India, there is a thriving F&B industry and food publishing content to a blog has turned into an alluring calling for food sweethearts. These main 5 Indian food bloggers acquire more business by arriving at their ideal interest group and further developing client commitment. 


Uma Raghuraman – Masterchef Mom


Uma Raghuraman is one of the most mind-blowing Indian food bloggers. She is a hovering mother and an energetic culinary expert. Her longing for food and good dieting made her begin her blog Masterchef Mom almost twenty years prior. Her blog comprises scrumptious plans with adequate pictures to make you hungry quickly. You can undoubtedly prepare quality food with her plans and tips. 


Natasha – Organic, And Happy 


Natasha is a food blogger who recently confronted genuine unexpected issues due to a dietary issue and the main way with which she conquered it was by changing to quality food propensities. Natural And Happy arrangements with good food plans and through this blog Natasha shares simply to get ready veggie-lover natural plans which are sound. 


Deeba Rajpal – Passionate About Baking 


Food sites like Passionate About Baking make us go gaga for sweet dishes each time we visit their site. Furthermore, there is no one better than Deeba Rajpal. Deeba is a formula designer and food essayist who is an energetic bread cook who loves to detail new plans while focusing on the utilization of occasional fixings. 


Richa Hingle – Vegan Richa 


Richa Hingle is among the top Indian food bloggers who rouse and impact her devotees to take on quality food propensities through her websites. At her blog Vegan Richa, she shares connoisseur plans that are vegetarian and are made utilizing simply natural fixings. She loves to try different things with her food and her blog is a finished confirmation of that. 


Nandita Iyer – Saffron Trail 


Saffron Trail is the greatest food blog that has been conceptualized by Nandita Iyer, a nutritionist, and food master. She is a South Indian food blogger who works on the craft of cooking while at the same time becoming the best at atomic gastronomy. Her plans are an extraordinary blend of good wellbeing and taste. Nandita teaches her pursuers the upsides of practicing good eating habits and carrying on with a sound life through her web journals. 

Indian Food Blogger You Should Follow

Other Indian Food Bloggers 


The ones referenced above are the main 5 Indian food bloggers. Presently let us examine the remainder of the food bloggers in India who are similarly acceptable. 


Mallika Basu: 


She is a culinary expert and an Indian blogger. She has her site which comprises of numerous helpful websites that are identified with food and plans comprising of vegan, meat, rice, and so on 


Monica Spice journal: 


Monica runs an Indian spring-up cookery school and café in Birmingham and Manchester. She started cooking when she was in college in America and away from the flavorful cooking of her mom. 


Chitra’s Food Book by Chitrasendhil:


If you are looking for some customary sauce or sauce kind of dish, this is the ideal spot where you will see it. In addition, the plans are likewise planned according to areas like Mumbai, south India, and karela. 


Sailu’s Food by Sailu: 


Are you an admirer of Andhra food and searching for websites identified with it? This is the ideal blog for Andhra food and you will track down every one of the plans of Andhra here. 


Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi: 


Archana has an immense number of web-based media adherents. She centers around quality food. She was exceptionally youthful when she started cooking and writing for a blog. Her online journals are one of the most incredible Indian websites of 2021. 


Nisha Madhulika by Nisha Madhulika: 


Nisha Madhulika is additionally probably the earliest blogger. She is additionally one of the top choices as obvious from her web-based media insights. She has composed more than 100 plans. You can observe numerous classes on her online journals like baking, snacks, desserts, territorial, and so forth. A different inquiry answer meeting is likewise accessible. 


Veg Recipes of India by Dassana Amit: 


It is obvious from the name, that the blog emphasizes veggie lover food sources. Notwithstanding, the food plans are from India as well as across the globe. She is likewise a baking sweetheart and you will track down a ton of baking plans on her web journals. 




With the rising interest for web-based publishing content to a blog, there is a significant expansion in bloggers across the web. These bloggers are gradually transforming the web. The above is a rundown of top Indian food bloggers who have formed their sites with their exceptional creatives about food. 


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