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Is Indian food healthy

Is Indian Food Healthy


Indian food has offered the world numerous gastronomic foods and shaped our kitchens in particular.  There are many delicious Indian dishes to spice up one’s taste. But the ingredients and styles of cooking in Indian food range based on region, season, religion, and tradition. You can find everything from non-vegetarian to vegetarian and vegan dishes. And the selection of spices and ingredients that give each dish its different flavor.

Indian food culture has spread through essential interactions with neighboring Irani, ancient Greece, and the Middle East, acknowledged by centuries of cross-cultural exchange. The final dishes are renowned for their rich, spicy flavors and complex smell. However, the food isn’t just about taste — dishes are packed with nutrients across the Indian subcontinent, it means that they’re also very healthy options.

Here are some foods which are healthy in all the ways:

1. Chilla

Chilla is a pleasant Indian dish closely similar to pancakes. We can marinate it with spices and serve with Indian pickles, sour cream and plain yogurt. We can also decorate it with chopped cucumber and tomatoes, but they’re just as good and healthy on their own. Usually we can prepare Chilla with chickpeas flour (besan) and sprouted mung beans. Mung beans are a herb that’s eaten worldwide especially in Asian countries.

2. Poha

Poha is a popular Indian breakfast dish. We can prepare it with flattened, by soaking flaked rice in water and then modifying onions and a variety of spices. It has a delightful texture because of its toppings, with peanuts and peas. Hence these flavor enhancers boost the nutritional value of the dish and provide calcium and iron with fiber and protein, which may help you feel full.

3. Chole masala

We can prepare Chole masala (an Indian dish) with chickpeas poached in spiced tomato sauce. It pairs beautifully with chapati, bhatura (deep-fried puffed bread) and naan. The word “masala” means spice mix. Spices which generally appear in chole masala are cumin, garlic powder, chili flakes, turmeric, coriander seeds and black pepper.

4. Daal

We can season a fragrant lentil curry with cumin, turmeric, cinnamon powder, garam masala, and other spices. We can easily prepare the Daal with a variety of pulses, such as toor dal (split pigeon peas), masoor daal (red lentils), and chana daal (chickpeas). Traditionally, people used to eat Daal with rice, naan and roti. We can serve it with Indian vegetables and enjoy it as a soup as well. Hence Daal can form the basis of a high protein meal for vegetarians.

5. Alleppey fish curry

It is a non-veg dish which we can prepare with tender fish, zesty spices, and creamy coconut milk. Alleppey fish curry is a popular Indian dish because it brims with both sweet and sour flavors. It originated from the Alleppey District of state of Kerala, which is known for its deliciously fragrant fish curries. The fish is usually Indian mackerel or kingfish. It is generally enhanced with tamarind or green mangoes.

6. Masala bhindi

Masala bhindi is a mouthwatering Indian dish. The main ingredient is Okra which is also another name of “Bhindi” in Hindi. Hence we can prepare it in a spicy sauce based on tomatoes and served with roti or naan. Okra has dietary fiber, which helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. Specifically, eating high fiber food is an important strategy for people who are managing diabetes. While some studies suggest that okra has many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may be helpful in managing the level of metabolic syndrome.

7. Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is a very tasty Indian dish. We can prepare it with peeled, mashed eggplant that is roasted or cooked on the gas. After then added to a fabulously thick tomato sauce infused with spices such as turmeric, salt and chilli. However, turmeric is rich in flavonoid, a compound which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, curcumin benefits people with inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes though the exact procedure is unclear.

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