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Tasty Indian Vegan Dishes

Tasty Indian Vegan Dishes



Vegans refrain from eating all items made from animals. Vegans, like vegetarians, do not consume meat, but they also avoid dairy and eggs. Some animal-derived compounds, such as gelatin, also include. Some people become vegans for ethical reasons. They don’t want to help factory farming, which also involves terrible animal abuse. Also, others use a vegan diet for health reasons or even environmental issues. You can, of course, have a mixture of both of these factors.

Because although Indian cuisine varies by region, some trademark staples that shape the backbone of the country’s culinary culture widely recognize. The silky sauces, fragrant spices, and different types of bread, as well as relish, work together to create dynamic flavor profiles that appeal to almost all of our five senses.


Indian restaurants stand out from the mostly meat-heavy restaurant choices for so many vegetarians. Moreover, The great news is that Indian restaurants are usually very vegan-friendly, so those searching for flavorful plant-based meals won’t be disappointed while dining out.


Here Are A Few Pointers To Ensure That You Order A Meal That Satisfies Both Your Dietary And Taste Preferences:


Keep An Eye Out For Ghee


Butter has three main parts: butterfat, milk solids, and water, for someone who doesn’t know. When you heat butter to a boil over medium-low heat, the liquid in the butter gradually evaporates, leaving only the milk solids and fat. You’ll be left with pure butterfat, aka ghee if you combine all of the remaining ingredients and strain the mixture via a cheesecloth to extract the milk solids.


Ghee is among the most popular ingredients in Indian cooking, owing to its ability to resist spoilage. To be sure, often ask if the dish you’re ordering from an Indian restaurant contains ghee, and if it does, request that if they can replace it with vegetable oil (although in some situations, the oil will be already peanut or safflower oil, so you’re safe). The majority of restaurants would gladly comply with your order.


Here Are Some Indian Vegan Dishes:




In this grain dish, fluffy basmati rice is cooked with a variety of vegetables and serves as a main or side dish. Also, new curry leaves should be available at your nearest Indian grocery store.


Aloo Tikki


These potato patties have a huge ingredient list, but don’t be put off by it; they just have a lot of spices in them to give them a unique flavor. This recipe serves two people as a main dish or many people as an appetizer.


Aloo Gobi


This normally dry curry gets a twist with the addition of creamy coconut milk, which is made with a base of cauliflower and potatoes. Some users recommend reducing the amount of cayenne in this dish if you’re not a big fan of spicy food.


Red Lentil Curry


Red lentils fall off if fried, resulting in a thick, rich curry. End up serving with flatbreads on the side or over a sheet of basmati rice.


Indian Style Basmati Rice


Don’t settle for plain rice; this spiced variety will give your meal a boost of flavor. Heathery exclaims, “I love this rice!” “I’m terrible at cooking rice and it always turns out gummy yet sticky, but this recipe gave me rice that tasted as it came from an Indian restaurant.”


Eggplant- Bhurtha


Eggplant is broiled until soft before being boiled in a flavorful tomato sauce in this Northern Indian dish. Sharon, a recipe user, says, “SUPER Simple RECIPE.” “We had an Indian dinner, and this was by far the best dish.”


Tasty Indian Vegan Dishes


Best Vegan Naan


Ghee (clarified butter) is used in regular naan, but this version is dairy-free. Coconut oil and vegan yogurt are the secret components to a rich dough.


Indian Curry Potato Fries


Such crispy Indian-inspired potatoes make great appetizers or side dishes. For dipping, serve with tamarind chutney.


Indian Chickpeas


To keep the ingredients list short, this chickpea curry uses store-bought chana masala mix (easily available in Indian grocery stores). To give the dish a pop of flavor and color, toss in a pinch of chopped cilantro.


Veggie Samosa


The filling for such crunchy pastries, which are commonly served as an appetizer, is curried chickpeas. “I like the concept of using puff pastry rather than standard samosa dough,” says a customer that is lightly salted.


Tomato Cucumber Kachumber


The Indian salad kachumber is ideal for balancing spicy or additional dishes that require a lighter accompaniment.


Spicy Vegan Potato Curry


This creamy curried sauce with potatoes, tomatoes, and chickpeas is great for spooning over rice or quinoa. For added variety, several reviewers have suggested adding extra vegetables like cauliflower or corn to the bowl.


Green Chutney


Chutney is a must-have accompaniment to every Indian meal. The only step needed is blending in a food processor for this version, which uses cilantro as the foundation.


Black Chana With Potato


You can buy black chickpeas, also recognized as kala chana or Bengal gramme, at your nearest Indian supermarket. They’re darker in colour and have a firmer texture than normal chickpeas, making them a nice change from the standard.




Veganism isn’t nearly as well-known. Many Indians live a vegan lifestyle, which is known as vegetarianism in this country. But you can surely find a variety of vegan Indian dishes which are delicious in taste.


Shiva Shakti is an Indian restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It offers various varieties of tasty and flavorful vegan Indian food.

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