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6 Tasty North Indian Sweets

6 Tasty North Indian Sweets



Indian Sweets are a part of Indian cuisine. Be it festivals or special occasions like weddings or ritual ceremonies, sweet items are a mandatory part of the day. Every region has its specialty and one such region where sweets are quite popular in North India. They have a wide variety of dishes that are innovative and unique and can be found nowhere else. North Indian food will be incomplete without these sweet dishes and they are an important element that one should try at least once. Hence, we present to you the 6 tasty and sweet north Indian food dishes that will fulfill your sweet cravings and satisfy your taste buds. 


Gulab Jamun 


The first dish is most popular around the world and it is sweet balls made of dough and dipped in sugar syrup. We are talking about the delicious and mouth-watering Gulab jamun. The balls are made of cottage cheese or khoya which is milk reduced to a thick consistency. The khoya is then kneaded into a dough and transformed into small balls that are deep-fried in hot oil. The balls are dipped in sugar syrup that is made of sugar, water, cardamom, saffron, and rose water. This combination of sugar-dipped balls is served either hot or cold and people also make unique and different combinations out of this sweet dessert. Gulab jamuns are a must-have during festivals and special occasions like weddings or other celebrations. 




We believe that this dish needs no introduction, yet let’s just define it as the sweetest and most delicious round and crispy dessert, known as jalebi. The spiral-shaped dish is made of wheat flour batter that is poured in spiral shapes in hot oil using a mold. It is then dipped in a sugar syrup widely known as chashni. Chashni is made of sugar, water as the basic ingredients along with cardamom, Kesar, and rose water. It is garnished with a silver vark and Kesar. This dish is widely popular in north India and is served during festivals and special occasions. Jalebis can also be had with rabri which is also mentioned below. 




Ladoo is a sweet sphere or ball-shaped dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. The primary ingredients in ladoo are gram flour, sugar, and ghee or clarified butter. The gram flour is roasted and then mixed with some sugar and ghee and shaped into round balls. The ladoos are then garnished with dry fruit and nuts. These ladoos are available in different varieties that include-


  • Rava ladoo (semolina)
  • Besan ke ladoo (gram flour)
  • Boondi ke ladoo 
  • Coconut ladoo 
  • Til ladoo
  • Gond ke ladoo (edible gum) 


All kinds of ladoos are available in sweet shops and are also made during festivals and special occasions. Different medicinal ladoos are made using fenugreek and other healthy ingredients which are a great treatment rather than consuming heavy medicines. 




Halwa is a sweet dish that solves all your sweet cravings and it refers to a variety of confections that are most commonly made with fried semolina. Semolina is roasted and mixed with hot water and sugar and garnished with some dry fruit and nuts. Halwa is a common North Indian staple diet and is made on festivals as well as on normal days. Kada Prasad which consists of puri and halwa is quite famous in the Northern region of India. Halwa is also available in different varieties that consist of-


  • Suji ka halwa (semolina)
  • Gajar ka halwa (carrot)
  • Moong dal ka halwa (mung beans)
  • Lauki ka halwa (bottle gourd)


These sweet dishes are not just popular in India but also quite famous in other parts of the world. Halwa can be prepared in as much quantity as one would prefer and would not even go to waste if not consumed immediately.

6 Tasty North Indian Sweets



One of the popular sweet north Indian dishes is the sweet and creamy rabri that is used in many other dishes as well. It is a sweet condensed milk-based dish that originates from the Indian subcontinent. The main ingredients consist of milk, sugar, spices, and dry fruits and nuts. It has a pale yellow color due to the addition of saffron. The milk is reduced until it forms a thick consistency and then mixed with sugar and other remaining ingredients to enhance the taste and flavor. Rabri is a key ingredient in many dishes like rasabali, chhena kheeri, and khira Sagara. Rabri is also served with jalebis and believes us it is the best combination ever. The dish is served on special occasions or during other ritual ceremonies. 




The last dish is a must-have and cannot be ignored at all. You might have already read by the title that we are talking about the cold and creamy Indian version of ice cream known as kulfi. Kulfi is made of milk and sugar as the primary ingredients wherein the milk is boiled until it forms a thick consistency and then mixed with sugar. Other spices and dry fruit and nuts are then added to the dish to increase its flavor and taste. Many versions are available in kulfi and some of them include- 


  • Pistachio kulfi
  • Rose kulfi
  • Vanilla kulfi
  • Almonds kulfi
  • Kesar kulfi
  • Strawberry kulfi and many more


The list will never end but the satisfaction will be earned just after having one bite of the delicious kulfi. So enjoy some delicious kulfi on a hot summer day or a winter day if you wish to. 


The Bottom Line 


We all have a sweet tooth and hence the above-mentioned dishes should be added to the list for the next time you crave a dessert. 

At Shiva Shakti, these sweet North Indian food dishes will be available in the most authentic and traditional form that is prepared by the experienced chefs of the restaurant. The staff will ensure that you have the best experience at Shiva Shakti and would want to visit again. The restaurant also follows safety precautions and protocols without fail. 


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