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The Famous And Best Indian Street Food 1.1

The famous and best Indian street food

People who are new to the world of Indian street foods find it simple and easy to make drinks and food items sold in Indian streets, markets in small stalls and at cheap rates. All the Indian cities have their own and favourite fast food item to serve to all tourists.

For example, Delhi is famous for Chole Bhature likewise Mumbai is famous for Vada Pav and all other states have their best Indian delicacies making India a unity and diversity. Street foods in India have been loved by all classes of people where some people are raising safety and hygiene concerns for discouraging Indian street foods. 

1. Famous Delhi Chat Chole Bhature

Delhi is the capital of India and also has some of the best Indian street foods in the country. One can find a large number of food stalls on all the busy roads of the city. One can find the world-famous dish Chole Bhature in almost all the general street food shops in Delhi. The hot bhaturas served with some spicy chole are the ultimate stress boosters and will lighten up anyone’s mood. They are served along with some onions and pickles and are the least expensive items when one is on a low budget. 

 Apart from the delicious Chole Bhature, one can also find a lot of the best Indian breakfast to eat in Delhi. One can try Rajma rice along with Parathas or bread made from flour and Papdi Chaat. 

2. Indore- Poha And Jalebi

One of the fascinating facts about Madhya Pradesh state is it is known as the heart of India. The forts and palaces are a scenic beauty and have one of the best food items in the country. Indore, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, offers a wide range of breakfasts, but the famous breakfasts include Poha accompanied by sweet jalebi. Indore has its own recipe of poha which cannot be found anywhere else. After having some spicy poha, one would crave for a sweet dish and that is some sugar syrup dipped in hot jalebis. Indore is also famous for namkeens or savouries like Lapsi, Sev Nukti and special Indore Bafla.

Litti Chokha is one of the most loved dishes of the multitude of individuals who have a place in Patna, Jharkhand and any remaining Eastern areas of Uttar Pradesh. The greater part of individuals consider Litti Chokha like Dal Batti of Rajasthan and to make things clear both are totally various dishes both in taste and the style of arrangement.

One of the main ingredients of the conventional dish of Bihar is Sattu also known as grinder gram nut, and it is served with choka made from potato, brinjal, tomato, and pure desi Indian ghee (purified butter). Litti Chokha is a kind of all-rounder dish as it served best for all kinds of eating styles from breakfast to dinner. One can easily find them in small food stalls in the streets of Bihar and Patna. So have some hot fried crunchy litti with some spicy and mouth watering chokha and have the best day ever.

4. Aloo Tikki

We all know one food item that lucknow is famous for; and that is the luscious and tasty kebabs. But another very interesting and popular dish that the state serves is aloo tikki. Aloo Tikki is the famous dish of Lucknow and is also served in road-side street food stalls all across the country. Aloo Tikki is one of the best Indian mouth-watering dishes of Lucknow.. The essential ingredient in Aloo Tikki is Aloo, also known as potato, various spices and garnished with chopped coriander and onion.

Most of the street food stalls serve Aloo Tikki with two different types of sauce or chutney made from mint, coriander, and tamarind. Apart from Aloo Tikki, one can also enjoy various other Indian fast food items like jhalmuri, bhelpuri, sevpuri, Dahi puri, and panipuri in Lucknow.

Maharashtra has some of the best Indian street food and misal pav is one of them. The spicy and hot misal pav is an unbeatable food item and no one can ever debate on that. It is a popular dish from Nashik and also popular in other regions like Kolhapur and Mumbai. It is a spicy curry made with beans, onion, tomato, and a lot of spices. Along with this, soft buns also called pav are served with some onion and lemon and a special misal chivda. It is a special breakfast meal served in many Maharashtrian restaurants and fills the tummy for the whole day.

Misal pav is not only popular in Maharashtra. But it is also very well known in other states in the country and also internationally. In 2015, the dish also received the best vegetarian dish from the foodiehub awards in London.

6. Kathi Rolls From Kolkata

Kolkata is a famous city when it comes to sweets. But there is one more thing that the city is famous for and that is the hot Indian rolls called the kathi rolls. Kathi roll is a popular street food in kolkata. It is a kebab wrapped in an indian flatbread called roti and is also stuffed with onion and chutneys. They may also vary in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The veg kathi roll is generally filled with potatoes and vegetables or paneer. On the other hand, eggs, chicken, or mutton are filled in a non-veg kathi roll. 

The kathi roll was introduced way back in 1932 by a restaurant named Nizam in Kolkata. It is served in various food stalls until today. The kathi rolls are also famous internationally and in various countries like the United States of America and Canada. They are served in Indian take-out restaurants.


These were some of the best Indian street food items that we have sorted for you. So start planning for your trip to some of the best states of India and enjoy!!! And if you need any suggestion or guide for Indian food, Shiva Shakti is here to assist you.

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