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What are Yellow Peas- The Multi-Purpose Peas


Yellow is the color of happiness. It signifies optimism and creativity. Thus, if you are creative enough, you can blend well in so many things. Here we are talking about the yellow peas. They in reality justify the title i.e multi-purpose. For this we need to start with the basics of what yellow peas are. Let us find out about them in depth.

What are Yellow Peas?

Yellow peas or split peas, English peas, green peas and all other different varieties of peas can be confusing for most of the people who don’t have much cooking experience. Before we get into the topic of growing yellow peas or split peas at home, let us understand first what yellow peas are, which will make the task a bit simplified.

Yellow peas or split peas are made by drying the varieties of English peas and green peas. All the yellow peas are skinned, shelled, and kept out for drying. Due to exposure to sunlight and dryness, the peas begin to dry out, and naturally, they start getting separated.

How do Commercial Companies Speed the Splitting Process Of Yellow Peas?

Some companies also use mechanical and electrical tools to speed up splitting projects to pack the peas into packets for making them a key ingredient in soups, and lentils. Everyone must have got an idea about what yellow peas are? And now let us break down the strategies that can help all the people to grow them indoors.       

The Complete Guide For Growing Yellow Peas Or Split Peas Indoors Successfully

1. What Is The Best Time For Planting Yellow Peas In The Home Garden?

All the plantation and farming experts who grow yellow peas or split peas advise home growers to plant the seeds of yellow peas at the end of the winter or beginning of spring. Yellow peas need six hours of sunlight every day.

2. How To Prepare The Soil For Growing Yellow Peas Indoors?

Once you have got an idea on when to plant the yellow peas, the next job is to make a perfect foundation for the growth which is to build the soil for yellow peas. Most of the veterans recommend cleaning the soil more than five inches on the top to remove dirt, stones, debris and sticks. One should also not forget to add organic compost to the soil at recommended levels for providing sufficient nitrogen to the yellow peas to grow. The best part of growing yellow peas is they don’t require any fertilizer while growing.

3. How To Provide Space To Yellow Peas In Indoor Gardens?

People who want to grow yellow peas along with some other plants in their small garden can complicate things as space and planning errors can occur. Most of the successful grower’s advice is to create two rows with the help of hoe and the sizes of the row can range between 15-25 inches respectively.

4. Addition And Care Of Yellow Peas

One can add four seeds of yellow peas to the soil along with local soil for humidity and adaptation. One should also water the yellow peas only once in a week and that three to four drops. The fully grown yellow peas will take somewhere around 45-60 days to grow intact. One can pluck the yellow peas once they get swollen.

What are yellow peas_ The Multi-purpose Peas 1.2

The Multi-functional Yellow Peas

Yellow Peas in nature are multi-purpose. It means that being a pulse, it can be used in many other things or items too. Here are some of the items in which yellow peas are used.


The yellow peas are used to prepare split pea soup especially in medieval Europe. In countries like Iran and the continent of Asia, it is widely used for many purposes. It can be used in making dal, soups and many other dishes. In Northern India, it is used in cooking. In some countries, it is used in the preparation of soup.


This is the one thing that most of the people especially the girls or the majority of the females love to do. Yellow peas are something that every girl loves to use on her skin and in her skincare DIYs too. Yellow peas are considered as the best kitchen ingredient that can help in the removal of tanning. Thus, it becomes easy to get rid of tanning with no side effects even. 

It can also be used as an exfoliant. It mildly scrubs your skin and removes all the dead skin cells and leaves you with soft and glowing skin.


In the year 2020, we have realized that nothing is actually more important than your own health. Therefore, if your health is your priority, start taking yellow peas on a regular basis. 

Yellow peas are a very good source of protein and even prevent so many fatal diseases such as heart attack and cancer. One can take them after boiling. One can also notice a major improvement in his immunity too. Thus, these are beneficial and will give you positive outcomes.  


Above mentioned uses actually tell us a lot about the versatile nature of the yellow peas. They can fit in anything and at any time. It can be cooking or skincare or your health, you can prefer yellow peas each and every time. 

One can also find a lot of nutrients in them and thus they do no harm to the human body. But there is a popular saying that consuming something in excess is not good for your health. Same goes for the yellow peas too. Eat them in a required amount and in the right manner, unless they can be bad for your health.

The Bottom Line

However yellow peas are really a power packed food item that can be used in various ways and that too in diversified fields. One can even grow them indoors too. Hence these will be fresh and will give more benefits. So use them to the maximum and you will for sure get positive results. For more information related to the above topic, you can reach out to Shiva Shakti.

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