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What is the secret behind the rich history of Indian food

Indian Food is having a rich history and inheritance, however, the beginning of Indian Food is to some degree obscure, a great deal of data is accessible in the Vedas and other antiquated sacred writings.

In the entire world, each food has an alternate taste. However, with regard to Indian food, the utilization of different flavors and spices makes it unique in relation to the others. Flavors assume an indispensable part in Indian food thus there is a broad utilization of flavors in India. The flavors and the spices, added with the flavors have taste benefits and furthermore have an extraordinary therapeutic incentive for the body. Though there are many factors for Indian Food being tasty some of them are:

Method of Cooking

The style/method of cooking Indian food is very different from other parts of the world. A large part of the cooking time is needed to add spices, frying food, and boil and simmer the gravy. Many food recipes require a step-by-step process where food cooks gradually. Apart from that, the knowledge of the person cooking the person has an effect on the taste of the food

Pre-cooking procedures

The method of cooking is an important part for the food being tasty. The pre-cooking procedures which means the method applied before the cooking also plays a vital role. Pre-cooking consists of marinating, fermenting, resting, thawing the food item or the ingredients involved in it.

Most of the food items especially the non-vegetarians require thorough marination, which enhances the taste. Like in Kalmi Kabab the chicken marination takes place for 24 hours or more, for improving the taste level. Even some veg dishes require marination and fermentation.

A variety of ingredients used

The variety of ingredients used is also an important factor. Indian food makes use of a vast number of ingredients, in different manners. Even at the regional and local levels, the native people use various spices and herbs known. Like in Uttarakhand, a spice-like thing called Jakhya enhances the temper of various food recipes. It also gives a crunching effect in the cake.

Also, the national dishes and staples like chapati, rice, and chole-bhature are easily customizable in India according to the local tastes. A variety of peppers also provides a difference in the taste. Like the Kashmiri red pepper which enhances both the color and the taste.

The addition of spices like cinnamon, black cardamom, dried fenugreek leaves (kasoori methi), and smoking through cumin seeds also called tadka in Hindi, adds great medicinal and taste value to the cooked food. Procedure for food smoking after wrapping the ingredients in banana leaf is mostly in West Bengal and almost all of the Southern States.

It is a fact that banana leaves are included in the food to enhance its dietary benefits.

The Verdict

Apart from taste, the traditional recipes which our elders taught us are of great nutritional value. The taste we derive from the recipes is a result of the culmination of all the styles, recipes, and traditions and it’s also proof of the assimilation of cultures. And that’s the ultimate truth. For more information, you can contact Shiva Shakti.

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