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What Is Traditional Indian Food

What Is Traditional Indian Food


India has a diverse culture and right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every part has something different and unique. With the most scenic views, every place has its own culture, music, dance, and the most favorite ‘food’. The dishes have been in existence for more than 5000 years which were inspired by the Persian, Mongolian, and Chinese cuisines. These dishes were created by keeping in mind the different categories of food like vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Indian cuisine consists of the most authentic and traditional Indian food and available in many variants from different parts of the country. Due to the varieties, it seems impossible to add all the dishes to the traditional Indian food list. Hence, we have listed out the top 5 traditional Indian foods that are consumed for many years and are still loved by everyone.

Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag

The north region of India is well known for its green fields and scenic views that can be found nowhere else. Another distinctive quality of Northern India is its rich and creamy cuisine. One such authentic Indian food is Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag. Sarson ka saag is one of the popular North Indian dishes made from mustard greens and with a mix of few Indian spices like cumin, chilies, ginger, garlic, and more. This green and healthy saag is served with a kind of Indian flatbread known as makki ki roti. Made with cornflour and a few spices, this dough is rolled into small round rotis and heated on a pan. Enjoy the best Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti with a dollop of butter and a sweet glass of lassi and live life with the best food.

Litti chokha

Indulge the taste of true Indian food with this popular dish from the Eastern region of India. It is none other than the most authentic and mouth-watering dish popularly known as litti chokha. The littis are made of wheat dough balls that are cooked on a tandoor or grill. It is served with a spicy chokha that is a vegetable preparation roasted and mashed eggplant, tomato, and potato. One can also present some side dishes like pickle and papad and make it a fulfilling meal. The dish is a staple food in many regions like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. People also prefer to eat with chicken or other meat curry and it tastes delectable without any doubt. Litti chokha is not only popular in India but also well known in other foreign countries such as Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, and many more.

What Is Traditional Indian Food

Vada pav

When we speak about the Western region of India, the first thing that comes to our mind is the special vada pav from Mumbai. It is a popular street food and is also known as Bombay burger due to its resemblance with a burger. Vada pav consists of a bun that is made of plain flour and baked until it gets soft and spongy. The vada is a fried potato dumpling made from potato and a hodgepodge of other spices and coated with a gram flour paste. These balls are then fried in hot oil and placed inside the pav along with other chutneys made from tamarind and mint. People relish the tasty vada pav with some spicy fried green chilies and hot masala tea. 

People in the Southern region of the Indian subcontinent like to start their day with some delicious and fulfilling breakfast. And what would be better than some crispy dosas filled with delicious fillings and served with some of the best curry and chutney. Masala dosa is prepared from rice and urad dal batter and poured on a hot pan. It is then filled with a delicious potato mash mixture made from potatoes, chilies, spices, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. These crispy on the outside and soft on the inside dosas are served with a sweet and spicy Indian curry known as sambar and with spicy coconut chutney as well. This breakfast meal is unbeatable with the most authentic taste that no one can say a no to.

Gulab jamun

After some spicy and savory dishes let us now move on to a sweet dish which is a popular and traditional Indian food in the Indian subcontinent. Gulab jamun is a milk-based sweet that is prepared especially during festivals, weddings, or other special occasions. Traditionally, gulab jamuns are prepared using khoya, which is milk reduced to a dough-like consistency. This dough is then cut into small parts and turned into small balls and fried in hot oil.

Gulab jamuns also consist of sweet sugar syrup. Which is made of water and sugar mixed with other ingredients like saffron, cardamom, and rosewater. The round fried balls are dipped in the sugar syrup and served hot or cold according to everyone’s preference. People also like to have it with some vanilla ice cream and it definitely makes the best combo. But one can also enjoy it in the authentic form and they will not be disappointed at all.

The bottom line

So we tried covering up a famous and authentic Indian dish from every region of India. You can add this to the list for starters and then experiment with other Indian curries or bread as well. One thing to take into consideration is that these dishes would not taste good without pure authenticity. Most of the restaurants would not be able to deliver it. But we know one restaurant that will fulfill this requirement for sure. And that is Shiva Shakti which is an Indian restaurant based in Singapore that provides the best quality food that is authentic and flavorful. The restaurant also provides great services keeping in mind the various safety protocols. The team of expert chefs and staff makes the restaurant a leading one in Singapore. 

So, enjoy the best food from India with Shiva Shakti and indulge in the spices and flavors of Indian food.

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