Why Indian food is best in the world?


We believe that Indian food is the best in the world as it is nutritious and healthy food all over the world. There are thousands of dishes in India, and fresh new dishes are being made every day or week. Lots of dishes have been brought by residents, invaders and traders from all over the world. This has had a wide impact on Indian cuisine as either a new recipe was brought to India, or existing recipes were slightly altered.

Why Indian Food is Best in the World? Why do we say that India has the best food in the world? And the answer to these questions is that if you go north, east, south or west, you will get a whole set of new dishes, so it will feel as if you are in another country. The variety and blends of spices used in Indian cuisine make Indian cuisine unique and delicious. Also, the spices used are healthy and have medicinal benefits, such as; Turmeric, Cumin, Cardamom etc.

In the northern part of India (mainly, Delhi and Lucknow), you will find that the cuisine is very rich with a wide variety of spices and this is due to the influence of the Mughals. You will experience this type of cuisine; Biryani, Korma, Nihari, etc.

As you head towards South India, you will find some healthy vegetarian dishes, such as; Idli, Masala Dosa, Appam, etc. You will find these dishes mainly in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Bangalore and Karnataka.

What makes one dish better than another: variety, taste, taste, appearance, health, etc. So, here are some reasons that explain why Indian food is the best in the world –

1. Varieties: 

There is so much variety in every type of cuisine in Indian food. A single dish can be converted into several varieties. For example, dosa is the most preferred South Indian food. You can find about 50 varieties of the same dosa such as onion dosa, masala dosa, ghee dosa, vadakari dosa etc.

2. It is always a balanced diet: 

Whenever we eat food, we do not stop with just one dish. We take a lot of side dishes in every meal. Authentic Indian food contains abundant carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibre, which are highly needed for a balanced diet and healthy life. Indian food has some amount of everything that makes it balanced.

3. Healthy: 

Indian foods, except for the fried ones, are very healthy and nutritious. We even have the phrase which says ” Food itself is the medicine for the body “. A single curry makes only one part of a meal in a day. For that curry, we use around 5-10 different vegetables and several spices. Even for colouring, we can use turmeric ( which gives both good taste and natural colour for the food ) which makes it so healthy.

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4. Spices: 

Spices form the backbone of taste in Indian food. You can feel the taste in every bite of food. Spices like turmeric, celery, ginger, garlic, cardamom and green chillies are widely used in Indian food. All of these have some or other medicinal and healing properties, which are very beneficial for your health. A simple dish that we make in India also has a lot of spices and vegetables that mould well to give it a unique taste.

5. Taste Great: 

Many such spices are used only in Indian cuisine, which gives them a great aroma and taste. These spices not only impart a good aroma but are also good for health. Like if we talk about turmeric, it has antioxidant properties that help in removing toxins from your body.

6.  Multiple Choices: 

We all know that India is a country of different religions, cultures and traditions. For this reason, you will find a wide range of cuisines in Indian food. In every state of India, you will find that people use a different and unique method to cook their dish, with the same ingredients they can make something different from other states.

7. Medicinal Properties: 

Many such elements are added to the food of India which have medicinal properties. Elements like ginger, garlic, turmeric and fennel seeds are good for your digestive system and help a lot in strengthening your immune system. People know this thing very well and that is why Indians like to eat food.

8. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Recipes: 

Indians like to eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and their perfection in cooking will give you a delicious dish that is difficult to find anywhere else.

9. No Preservative is Added: 

This is one of the most important reasons that make Indian food famous among the people. Some traditional dishes of India such as naan, biryani and malai kofta are all made from scratch, which means that no preservatives are added to them. And this makes it a healthy meal, which will be liked by all.

Indian food is distinctly delicious because its taste is complex between sweet, salty and spicy. Its textured creamy sauce with flour bread and tender meat and vegetables create the dream slopes. It is a divine synthesis that is aromatic and refined without a buggy.

The Indian diet is known to include a wide variety of spices, pulses and rice, not to forget the variety of flavours and colours that make this dish so unique. Generally low in fat, high in vegetables, fruits and meats, an Indian diet has many health benefits.

Everybody thinks that Indian food is hot, spicy, gravy and full of heavy food and not good for health. But this is not true, Indian food is the healthiest food in the world. Indian food is everywhere. Go to any corner of the world and you will find an Indian restaurant serving Indian tastes. Apart from this, Indian food is heartily welcomed and liked by all. But very few people know that Indian food provides more benefits to your health than satisfying your hunger. People like to enjoy its spicy, flavorful and fragrant taste. 


Hence Indian food is one of the best in the world and everyone should try it.

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